Virtual Combat Training Center

A simulation without a tutor is like a CTC without an O/C.


The Virtual Combat Training Center was funded by a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program through DARPA. We'd like to thank Dr. Ralph Chatham for funding this project through the DARWARS program. Dr. William Murray was the Principal Investigator of V-CTC. He conceived the V-CTC concept, designed it, and implemented it in SWI-Prolog. Dr. Michelle Sams was the program manager of V-CTC until she joined ARI in late 2004, at which point Dr. Allan Terry became the program manager. Dr. Sams designed the HCI interfaces in V-CTC and came up with the phrase, "A simulation without a tutor is like a CTC without an O/C." ProSIM Company provided key expertise in combined-arms warfare, fire support, and Army training in addition to modifying the tactical simulation Armored Task Force to send and receive messages from the V-CTC tutor component. Erik Sincoff performed the GUI programming, using JSP pages and HTML. All V-CTC work was performed through Teknowledge.

Email: wrmurray@earthlink.net